Operation Opening Doors

Serving Communities Throughout South Dakota

Click on Picture to hear our ad Honoring All Veterans!Operation Opening Doors is an aggressive community service project sponsored by the AGC of SD Building Chapter. In the event that an active duty serviceman from South Dakota is injured, the AGC of SD Building Chapter is prepared to provide the soldier and his family, at no cost to them, home remodeling to suit each serviceman’s specific disability needs and allowing them maximum independence in their own home.

Operation Opening Doors relies on a network of supporters and workers.  Both Building Chapter members and non-members have donated materials, equipment and products at cost or at discounted rates to assist the projects.  

The first project for Operation Opening Doors was for a serviceman from Elkton SD.  This soldier’s injuries resulted in amputation of part of his foot and leg.  Modifications and structural improvements were made to his home including an outdoor wheelchair ramp, widening doorways, enlarging the bath, kitchen and bedroom. New cabinets, flooring and lighting were also included in the remodel.

The success of Operation Opening Doors is measured by the serviceman’s satisfaction with their home’s modifications. Operation Opening Doors has made a positive impact for the AGC Building Chapter of SD.  This project is demonstrating to our local communities, state and nation that South Dakota’s construction industry is proactive in taking care of our servicemen with disabilities.   In 2007 the AGC of SD Building Chapter received national recognition by receiving the AGC of America’s Best Community Service Project Award for Operation Opening Doors.

*Click on the Picture to hear our ad honoring all veterans!

Southeast Tech Howalt McDowell NPP